Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shaffers // Meiners // Williams

The weekend before Christmas we headed out to Waynesville for the Shaffer's Christmas, then up to Pontiac for the Meiner's Christmas. This was the first time we were able to meet Zach's cousin David's son Henry (did you follow that?) Everyone was excited to get 5 out of the 7 great-grandsons together. 

(I liked how this one shows what goes on right before a perfectly posed picture is taken.)

The most exciting part of Ken and Christen's house for Shepherd was their taxidermy collection (but really aren't we all impressed.) 


At Grandma and Grandpa Meiner's we laid 3 month old Levi next to 8 month old Nora. That girl is something else, she is going to have all of us wrapped around her finger. 

Reagan and Grandpa and their 3 lbs of summer sausage… which was seriously on Reago's Christmas list. Because of course it was.

Nora! You're killing me.

The weekend after Christmas we celebrated with my mom at her house, the Williams side at our house and with my dad at our house. So much Christmas! 

Christmas pajamas were the dress code per my mom's request.


Get out of town with your cuteness!

Headbandz always seem to make their way out at our house. I love how everyone can play and it is just as fun for the kids as it is for the adults because if we are all honest with ourselves we can only fein CandyLand excitement for so long.


The day we were supposed to celebrate with my dad, Shep woke up with viral pink eye (FaceTime diagnosed of course by our favorite optometrist Sam. We are card carrying fan club members of hers.) So that explains his sad and pajama'd appearance in these photos. And also the Packers played the Bears that day and since we don't have cable the boys had to stream it through our iPad and that explains why if they weren't opening presents they were huddled around that little screen. 

****186 blog points to you if you made it through that, redeemable absolutely no where.

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