Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Eve

My Grandma and Grandpa Shadoan mailed a bunch of presents up from South Carolina and insisted on us letting the boys open a couple on Christmas Eve. After we opened them we got ready for our Christmas Eve service at church which is probably my favorite one all year. There is no nursery or sunday school that day and so we were outnumbered by our children during the service but somehow we survived, in fact did better than survive! After that we went back to Zach's parent's to eat shrimp scampi, write our letters to Santa and make sugar cookies. Shepherd participated by pulling out all of his grandma's tupperware. I need to make a post sometime about actual toys versus household objects and how housewares always comes out on top (oh what Shep will do to get his hands on a toothbrush.) We came back home, got ready to read the Christmas classics and I attempted to auto-time a picture with my camera. As all parents know, after the kids go to bed the night really begins! Setting up the presents and having Santa write back (uh, we should really practice our cursive more than once a year.)

 Selfie with our phone, which was impressively taken by Zach.

Zach realllllly wanted to keep his mustache so he could wish everyone a "Merry Christmastache" but for obvious reasons I disagreed. We compromised that he could keep it until Christmas eve.

 I have no idea why he's standing like that. 

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