Thursday, January 16, 2014


This was the first year we went absolutely no where on Christmas Day. It was magical. We leisurely opened presents, then the kids got to actually play with them, we ate brunch at our own pace and then when the little ones got tired they peacefully laid down in their own beds. Heaven. Don't get me wrong, the hubbub and excitement of traveling to visit family on Christmas is awesome but every once in while it's kind of nice to sit back and soak the day in. That night Zach and I even got to sneak out on a date (!!!) after the kids went to sleep thanks to Grandma Darlene.

If anyone recalls Reagan's "Disney surprise" reaction, or lack there of, then they know he is not the most charismatic present opener. But this year his reaction to each present was very satisfying to the present-givers. His big present this year was an iPod touch which is actually just my old iPhone after I upgraded. We made this be from Santa which was a hard decision for Zach because he hates sharing the glory with "Santa." If you only knew how much I wasn't kidding.

Everyone can sleep peacefully tonight knowing that we officially quit the paci at 18 months. Technically we still keep it in his bed but that is where it stays. Considering how much he loved that thing I thought it was going to be WWIII but we just made them quietly start disappearing and so far so good. In fact, I've noticed his language just explode so definitely a good move and the right timing. Sorry, done with the mom talk.

One of Shep's favorite presents was a photo book, see Reagan flipping through it with him below. He will sit and look at pictures of himself and people he knows for many minutes at a time (toddler eternity) and so we made some prints and put them in cheapo albums. They've been a HUGE hit.

Zach's parents, Sofie and Grandmothers Carol, Darlene and Sugars stopped by later in the day.

 I found Chris at the end of the day cleaning up my kitchen (naturally while sporting Captain America headphones.) 
My father in law > all other father in laws.

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