Tuesday, January 7, 2014

pre-Christmas happenings

Our visit with Santa...

So much going on in the picture above between Levi coughchoking and Reagan's disgust with Shepherd's wet noodling.  

 Disregarding Reagan's look of confusion and distracted Santa/Shep, I thought we had a winner with this one until Zach pointed out my poor hand placement made this picture not appropriate for our family blog. Once you see it you can't unsee it ever again. 

Putting up the tree…

Levi is just thrilled to put up his first ornament.


We ended up making quite a few Christmas gifts this year and I was pretty satisfied with how they turned out.

Zach made me this measuring stick for my birthday and we noticed his parents side-eyeing it and so we made them one as well for Christmas. I think it will be awesome to have at their lake house to measure the grandsons every summer!

Per my request, Zach picked out a wood etching kit for me for Christmas. Basically it's a hand tool that gets so hot it burns into wood or leather. I spent many a night peacefully woodworking near the fire, loving every minute of it. Then I turned 63 and became a man. He sliced me up a birch log and I made a few ornaments out of them. For example, I monogramed Reagan's teacher's name on hers and then he wrote his name on the back. I burned over it so it maintained his hand writing. Then he insisted we give her a Monical's gift card because he said she told him she and her husband eat it every Saturday night. True or untrue, I don't know, but we still did it.

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