Sunday, July 7, 2013

His best friend's wedding

(that title pretty much typed itself)

Reagan did really great during the ceremony. He mostly stood there and wiggled his front tooth. We were all preparing ourselves for him to yank it out and show Tony right then and there. 

We had Tony and Steph's wedding the weekend before last in South Bend, IN. We were really honored that Tony chose Zach as his best man and Reagan as their ring bearer. Zach and Tony have this relationship that I know is pretty rare for guys to find and I'm very thankful for it. One of those things where in a weird way their friendship has benefitted other aspects of their lives, including our marriage. I know I'm not explaining this very well. It's just an honest, encouraging, accountable, pick-up-the-slack-where-the-other-left-off kind of thing. I appreciate it... even through my eye rolls as he calls nightly at the precise moment we finally sit down by ourselves ;)  

Friday the groomsmen went paint balling. Their war wounds following the day told the story just by themselves. OUCH. The boys and I filled time by running around picking up tuxes and swimming in the hotel's pool. That night, after the wedding rehearsal, Tony's parents hosted dinner at Villa Macri. Everything was delicious but our favorite part was socializing with Tony's family. They are good people, you just want to soak up their goodness. 

Saturday the men played golf and the boys and I continued to enjoy the hotel's pool. My in-laws and mom arrived and before long we were heading to the wedding. You know what they say, once you go to a wedding with help for two unruly children, you never go back. They were indispensable!

The newly minted, husband and wife, stopped by Sunday morning for hugs and goodbyes. Then we grabbed a quick lunch with our families and headed home... enduring three hours of crying... solidifying our reasoning for why we will always travel at night until our kids are older. 

(the only pictures I got of all of us were from our phones, pardon the quality)

My favorite part of the night was surprising Zach Tony with this heinous shirt of his. I've despised it since high school. It's made its' way in and out of the goodwill pile more time than I can count. So, you're welcome Steph. 

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