Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Front & Breezeway exterior- BEFORE and AFTERs

In the late summer of 2011, Zach took me on a date night. As of that time, these mostly consisted of us getting ice cream and driving around our favorite neighborhoods looking at houses. This particular night Zach had one in mind and after driving by a few that he knew I wouldn't like to throw me off his tracks, he pulled up to this beaut. I was sold hard and could immediately picture us making it a home. We felt so lucky to call it ours no matter what shape it was in.    

Front exterior

Our friend Jason owns a painting business and helped us with a ton of exterior painting. Reagan thinks Jason is awesome (of course because his diet consists mostly of sugar) and kept giving him compliments like "you're really good at this, you should do it for your job or something."

Getting grass to grow under these mature trees was not a fun task. Zach spent many an hour slaving/praying/caressing over this lawn. But now it looks great! p.s. I hate those shorts. We argue over whether they're boxers or not and whether they're meant for public viewing or not.


It originally was carpeted and enclosed, however several windows were missing/broken, snow and rain easily could get in and there was extensive insect damage within the walls. We opted to make it a covered patio area and frame it out. The gravel patio next to the breezeway was weird and gross (the people before us had trained their dog to only go in the gravel?? Is that normal?) When we poured the new driveway we also added a pad there.


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