Friday, July 26, 2013

Backyard- BEFORE and AFTERs

One day I looked in my backyard and there was a large piece of machinery back there! Some days Zach and I struggle with communication, this one in particular it was neglected to mention that his Grandpa Dave would be driving a backhoe down the highway from Waynesville. Seriously though, such a fun surprise! 
(especially for a 5-year-old boy, ahemReagan.)

(tons of brush and countless dead trees, one had even been struck by lightening twice)

Check Reagan out in the bed of truck, he watched patiently all. day. long. and sweetly stayed out of the way. But who are we kidding, Zach was just as excited and even proclaimed that "this was his favorite day of the summer!" 

Concrete work was a little out of Zach and his dad's DIY scope. They had a friend come out to pour a new driveway, patio, and slab at the back of the yard for a shed (it was Carver Construction out of Champaign for inquiring minds.) They started at about 6:30am on Reagan's first day of Kindergarten. Zach's Grandpa Dave also graded the backyard so we could lay seed and his friend Jason came later and painted the garage/breezeway. 


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