Monday, July 22, 2013

Bathrooms- BEFORE and AFTERs

These aren't that dramatic but they're worth sharing.

My great-grandma, Bernice Shadoan, had an entirely pink-tiled bathroom. She gave birth to her 4 boys in it. When we first walked through our house and saw this pink gem I knew it was meant to be (no boys birthed in this one, nor will there ever be by me.) The Professor Brown and his family (of the Brown Ballroom at ISU and also ironically a family with 4 boys) added this in the 1950's next to the kitchen.

I apologize for the poor photo quality but it's the only one I have that shows the previous vanity and flooring.


New ceramic tile flooring, vanity and paint. Added a plain white shower curtain and called it good enough. The tile is in great shape and maybe far far down the line we'd look into a bigger reno of it but it's very functional and just having a second bathroom in a 1920's era house is pretty great in itself.


The upstairs bath had a taupe-ish colored tile on the walls and a peel and stick laminate flooring. The pictures give the wall tile a pink-undertone but I'd say it's more beige, like the other bath it was in good shape and although it might not be exactly what we like aesthetically we could work with it. 

(the day we first toured it... yikes!)

New toilet, flooring, vanity, faucet, lighting and medicine cabinet. There was also like 8 different towel racks in here that Zach removed 4 of and filled the holes of. He also ran electrical so there is lighting above the medicine cabinet. My cousin Emily gave me the shower curtain for Christmas one year and I love it so much I'm considering making matching family outfits from it.

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