Wednesday, March 13, 2013

veeday 2013

While having dinner with our friends John and Whitney, Zach asked me to stop referring to the holiday as V-Day because it was making him uncomfortable. In the spirit of being ornery, Valentine's Day shall only be called V-Day henceforth.

Reagan brought these super-hero suckers to school for his Valentine's. Landon's mom, Sharon, and I co-chaired the party. We played "heart-potato" (a heart-shaped pillow version of hot potato,) had an ice cream sunday bar and made these cute foam 'love-bug' picture frames. Since I was in the classroom the week before for Reagan's birthday, I just took a picture of each child and then Sharon had the prints ready for the party. We were pretty pleased with how it all turned out! Since Zach was out of town that week he had some breakfast delivered to us (via his awesome dad Chris) and then pizza delivered that night. Almost 6 years of marriage later and he definitely knows I live to eat (not eat to live.)

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