Monday, February 11, 2013

Reagan the 6 year old.

We are wrapping up a fun-filled birthday week. Here's a quick play-by-play.

Grandma and Grandpa Meiner stop by to deliver their present and bday wishes.

We have dinner with Grandma Darlene and have a mini-celebration with her.
Awana night.
Got ready for bed/prepped to turn six.

Woke up to a balloon avalanche.
Talked to Zach on the phone before school and sent him a text message (yes he knows how, don't get me started.)
Requested bacon, a mushroom omelet and biscuit with Darlene's (rockstar) strawberry preserves for breakfast. Then told me his omelet could have been improved if I had added cheese.
Stole him from school for lunch, he picked Steak n' Shake. Ran into my cousin Rhys and Peter Martin and Reagan couldn't remember how old he was turning and had to ask me.
Brought his birthday treats for the class' afternoon snack, ice cream sandwiches and juice boxes.
Zach makes it home and picks Reagan up from school.
Eat at Kobe (his choice) for dinner with Zach's parents, Sofie and my mom. My mom gives him a life-size number 6 balloon and his life is now made. Shepherd loves the fire and knife tricks, seriously.
Retreat to our house for cupcakes, ice cream, present opening, nerf shooting and to field many awesome birthday calls.
Way past bedtime, Drew gets out of class finally and stops by before Reagan goes to bed... but not without some more nerf practice.

Daddy is off of work so he handles the morning routine and I sleep, magically so does Shepherd. Reagan told me that it was a late-start day when he gets home which I think might have meant they were not on time.
My dad stopped by after school to see the big old six year old.
We went over to Zach's parents, ate pizza and watched The Avenger's, dressed as super-heros of course. Kristi provided many theater treats. Reagan was beside himself seeing everyone dressed up and getting to watch an "adult" movie (it actually doesn't have any risque scenes or bad language, just lots of action.)
Reagan spends the night over there in the world's largest/most comfortable bed while Zach and I (and Shep) pouted our way home.

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