Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is this post too self-indulgent?

For Zach and I's birthday, my mom gifted us with a session to have family photos taken with a nice gentlewoman that she works with. We originally wanted to do them outside but the weather wasn't cooperating, so in our house it was. Looking back, I think it will be nice to have had some done in this old place since we worked so hard on it.

We are still working through an awkward phase with Reagan and the region between his nose and chin. So no, he was not:
a.) constipated 
b.) forced against his will (well maybe a little) 
c.) in physical pain
in any of the pictures...

Without further ado, here are the ones I've pre approved.

Including only because it looks like we have the saddest children in the continental United States.

 I just typed that we are 26. But no, we turned 25.

Also including the one above because it looks like a depressing ad for stepchildren who suffer from seasonal allergies. 

 I made these "props" that morning. 

Christmas card anyone?


Jude said...

I was laughing out loud (typed it out because it really happened!) I love the seasonal allergies comment! Haha! I know Jude will one day give me those great fake smiles. I miss the days (last summer) when he would come up to the camera and I would say, "Smile for Mommy!" and he would give me a huge grin!... now he refuses and often cries when I force him to take a picture with sissy! :(

You and Zach have a beautiful family!!! Would love to get together some time for a play date!


MeL said...

Your family is adorable, but your captions had me laughing like an idiot by myself. :) Happy 25th to you guys!