Friday, December 14, 2012

6 months + 71 months

This big guy had his 6 month check up yesterday with Dr. Emm. He clocks in at 20 lbs 1 oz and is 26 3/4 inches long.

Here is a little update on all the tricks he can do: 
Rolls over from stomach to back and from back to stomach.
Sits up unassisted.
Pushes himself onto all four then collapses out of shear exhaustion.
Has two teeth! I stopped nursing Reagan before he got teeth so I'm treading through this milestone with caution.
Wakes up once a night, but I will be decreasing this number within the next week thanks to some moral support from his (awesome) pedi.

Here is what a daily schedule for him looks like:
6:30am- wakes up and plays while I make breakfast/lunches.
7:45am- eats and lays down for a nap and then I take Reagan to the bus stop with the baby monitor. 10am- wakes up and we play/run errands.
12pm- eats and lays down for a nap.
2pm- wakes up, plays, eagerly awaits Reagan to get home from school.
4pm- eats then takes a cat nap while Reagan and I make dinner.
6pm- eats a solid food.
6:45pm- nurses
7pm- begs for me to lay him down for bed.

 (My grandparents were up visiting for Thanksgiving!)

So far he's eaten oatmeal, avocado, peas and mashed potatoes. He's tolerated them all. The plan is just to make a little bit extra of a vegetable we're already eating, puree it and then freeze it in ice cube trays. It worked like a charm with Reagan plus it's much more wallet friendly. My favorite type of friend.

 See, so thrilled.

Shep is so fun. He is smiley and bashful and oh so very sweet!


It's been a while since I've done a Reagan eccentricity themed post so I'll just tack it on to the end of this one. Now that he's 71 months and all, ha. He has fewer pictures because he's old enough to refuse them now =(

"Let's write a nonfiction book today!"
"I'm busy waiting so can you do me a favor?"
"A book always helps me go to sleep so I thought I could read this to Shepherd."
For the first month of school he thought the principal was called the "school mayor."
After putting on his coat, "I'm all jacket'd up!"
My mom has a Yorkshire Terrier. Reagan thinks Max is a "New Yorkie" dog.
"So, Shepherd came out of you just like a slip n slide?"
He transitions every conversastion with "anyway" and "let's just say."
Thinks chicken sandwiches are called "healthy burgers."
"So, I've kinda been telling my friends I'm a veterinarian."
After slipping, I asked if he was okay. "Yes, my elbows caught me. We should thank them for doing a good job. Glad I have you guys!" (looking at his elbows)
Pointing to the book where I write down his quotes, "oh that's my sick book. It's where you keep my diarrhea." I responded with no, it's called a diary. 

He LOVES to cook.

His favorite movie right now is the 90's killer whale drama... "Free Willy." And every book he's brought home from the library has been about whales recently. (Also as a side note, he never brings home regular story books from the library. They are always the driest, most information packed non-fiction books ranging from specific dog breeds to historic naval ships.)

His new reasoning tactic is to pose the "what's more important" issue to me. Example: while backing out of the driveway he said "stop! I don't have my seatbelt buckled." I said, "just hurry up, I'm only rolling." To which he responded, "Mom. What's more important? Your kids or being late?"

Careless about death. This deserves a post all by itself because there is so much more to this quirk of his.
-My Aunt Debbie was telling him about how her dog died. His comforting words, "don't worry, you will die soon and get to see him!"
-If you complain about a body part hurting he looks you straight in the eyes and assures you that "you won't suffer much longer, once you die you will get a new body in heaven!"
-After celebrating Zach's dad, Chris, birthday Reagan said "I know that means he's getting closer to dying. I sure will miss him when he's gone!"

After a three-check-mark-day and a note home from the teacher he wrote this back to her...
It reads... "Matlock, I am going to bring you a tasty snack to my snack day. I am sorry. I will do better today. Reagan" He also finished up a drawing this morning for his PE teacher Mrs. Moore, because he has a crush on her. He finds her attractive because she is "hearth healthy." The funny thing is Zach and I went to high school with her kids. 

He lost his second tooth in Ikea and still insists on collecting all his teeth.

He is an old man and brings a magazine with him into the bathroom. We've missed the bus three times this week because he can't be rushed. Or in his words, "come on, what's more important mom? Having to drive to school or go to the bathroom?"

Alright, I think this was long enough. I'll just leave you with that picture of Reagan on the pot.

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Hillary said...

Ashley. I have to tell you. This post literally just made my entire day! I need to start keeping a diary of all the cute things Blayton says because to be able to go back and look at them is so cool! Reagan is probably one of the funniest kids I've met!