Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pinewood Nerdy... I mean Derby

Reagan does Awana at Calvary Baptist once a week. He loves it and I kind of wish they would do an adult version because we could use it too! Sometime I'll make a video of all the bible verses he has memorized. Anyway, they do a Pinewood Derby for the "kids." I had never been to one before and I won't get into how crazy it is to me that the father's spend copious amount of time carving cars out of a block of wood in such a way that the little boys have no chance of "helping"... and then they don't even get to race the dang cars themselves... whoops! guess I just did. Reagan was absolutely thrilled and for the most part watched patiently during the construction and racing ;)

Reagan's is the metallic dark blue race car in the middle. 

Um. Yeah. We were not prepared for the intensity of it all when walking in. 

This little spectator wasn't as thrilled with the races, he snoozed most of the time.

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