Monday, September 17, 2012

Reagan's room

This blog acts as some type of record for our activities and lives. A large part of our lives recently has been this dang house so I'm going to try and start working on posting the things we've done to our little humble abode.

One morning when Reagan's room was decently picked up, I snapped some pictures of it. It's the only room in the house (after 4 months of living here, 10 months of ownership) that has anything hung on the walls.

But first, a few before's.... 

In progress...

His room is on the east side of the house and gets awesome light. Zach's mom and grandma painted the walls, trim and ceiling. His dressers were mine when I was little. That book shelf we scored for free off of these people, I think she found it from a Jewish thrift store. All three are legit solid wood and Zach has loooved transporting them each and every move.

Most of Reagan's toys are in the playroom in the attic but ones that are swallowable or sentimental are kept in his room. 

 The three pieces hanging above the dresser are tins that Zach got from some luncheon thing he had at the baseball hall of fame when he was in Massachusetts a few summers ago. Because our walls are plaster we used mostly the 3M velcro/tape strips as to avoid too many holes in the walls, they worked really good.

The large print also from the hall of fame, the silhouette I painted, the Reagan cut-out was a baby gift way back yonder, and the smallest frame contains a picture of Zach's Great-Grandpa Bruce and his farm team.

Zach made the bed (post found here) and I sewed and painted the curtains last summer. The previous owners left all of the curtain hardware, I believe they are just from Ikea. But for them I am very thankful, because to outfit an entire house adds up quick.

He's had his robot sheets from Land of Nod forevs.   

I love love love having a bulletin board in his room. We use it constantly. He keeps his chore chart, calendar and special things on it (like a baggie of teeth- not creepy at all.)

Voila. We'll see what area is clean next for me to photograph =)

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