Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Painting projects

We still aren't in the house yet but I'm comforting/distracting myself with little projects that I can do on the cheap. At our wedding reception we set canvases in frames and then pinned guest's names/table numbers into the canvas. Two canvases, one huge and one small, have just been sitting in my mom's basement ever since. I decided I wanted to make something with them, then when I saw this on pinterest, my mind was made up. The verse reminds me of both my great-grandma and Zach's grandpa. This was also going to be sort of a surprise for Zach and I knew he would love it/appreciate it. Oh and we also had 4 paint samples left over from when we were trying to decide on what color to paint our stairway, so this project was rounding out to be pretty economical. 

 I wanted the letters touching so I just measured the height of the board divided by the number of words/rows and that was how tall my letters would be.

I printed the letters out in Word, then cut them and traced them onto the canvas.

The canvas was pretty dirty but because I'm impatient enhanced with lazy, I just painted the letters white because I knew the rest would just be covered in paint- therefore no real canvas cleaning was done.


 I've been dying for a silhouette of Reagan. DYING. While I had everything out to do the bigger piece I got on my horse about the silhouette too. First I took a picture of Reagan's noggin. Then blew it up on the computer, printed it, cut his profile out and traced it on the canvas.

I painted the green first because then I could still see the pencil line through the paint, then edged it with the blue covering my pencil marks.

Finished products....

We don't know where they're going to go yet, so they're sitting on our empty thrifted tv stand, shout out to Neighborhood Thrift... Emily ;)

And cool off, none of those colors are actually in our stairway, we went with... you guessed it, grey. Like the rest of the house.

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emily said...

love it! way to go on the craft projects....where is that set up being put in the new house?