Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bed Project


...looked like THIS last week...

Who could pass up a solid wood bed including mattress for 25 bones? Oh yeah and remember how Zach broke his old bed? Well we were starting to feel a little negligent about pretending like it never happened and thus not really doing anything about it.

So Zach gathered some materials...

And leveled off the top of the headboard and footboard.

Then (wood) glued the paneling to the inset on both ends...

And added a few layers of trim to cap off where he sawed. Followed by a layer of tinted primer and a few meticulously applied coats of navy.

The goal was for the bed to look like a combination of these two beds. (R) from Land of Nod and (L) from Pottery Barn Kids. Both were a pretty penny at $799.
I think our $55 version is boss. Aww, snap.

Robot sheets? Yesssss. I liked that they were fun but not baby-ish. (I didn't have them yet for the other pictures below)

And to make the project even more DIY; I purchased some orange frabric, like so ^, to make a quilt out of.

Christening the new bed and transitioning into little boyhood:

I am beyond pleased with this finished product! And yet again, Zach proves he is a man. ........You may not have him.


emily said...

LOVE this guys are so crafty!! I'm jealous!!

OH and Happy Anniversary!!!!!! I literally talked to debbie about it the DAY before and then never told you guys....SORRY!

love ya

Anonymous said...

What an amazing project and results...very impressive and Reagan looks sooo happy and content! The sheets are rockin and the quilt is fantastic! If we can't have him, can we rent him!!??Love,Aunt Debbie