Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Others from the day of graduation

I know. Graduation was forever ago, but I never really wrote much about it and for record keeping purposes, I'd like to. Because Zach had a game right after graduation we thought a little lunch before the ceremony would be fun; so we had his parents and sisters up and a couple of his Grandmas and the Davis' as well (missed you Hillary). My parents had to be there also, since geez, they've been there for all his other gradations too ;)

We just gathered in our backyard and since we conveniently live on campus it was an easy jog on over to the graduation ceremony. The weather turned out great, it really wasn't windy or humid-- very un-Illinois.

Reagan GQing it up :: Reagan and Locy my only illegal picture of the two of them that day

My dad hanging the banner I made/doing some landscaping

Our beauty is not of this world

Sam knows how to use cameras and she took these next two pictures (Reagan is making some great faces)

Reagan and his aunts

I like both of these pictures.
You can tell how excited Kristi and Darlene are to watch Zach walk :: LOVE Reid and Zach carrying their offspring in their gowns

After everyone left Locy and I changed into something a little more comfortable and chilled/decompressed from the day's events.

And my favorite picture of all time. Whatever photo service the school used during graduation emailed the graduates their acceptance photo. That night Zach told us he knew his was going to be awful because when he took a breath in he accidentally sucked his tassel into his nostril mid-handshake/picture. LOLOL.

And sure enough, that's exactly what the picture looked like when we received it. It's not like it matters, we're too cheap to have bought them anyway.


emily said...

HAHAHAHA love that picture! it goes right along with his baseball picture you love :)

MeL said...

Okay, two comments in like two minutes, sorry. But seriously, I am so glad that you posted all of these pictures and your thoughts and feelings on the day, because yes, it was indeed a day to celebrate! I also love that you can make me laugh out loud consistently with pictures and lines like, "our beauty is not of this world". Basically you have a gift for completely and accurately describing pictures, a talent I wish I posessed!