Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Reagan learned a new trick: holding his breath under water!

Drew and I tried to teach Reagan how to use a slip n' slide a little while ago. Go ahead and try to think about how you would explain the slip and then slide phenomenon to someone who's never seen this before. Apparently it requires a lot more coordination than we realized because we were really struggling trying to teach him this! Finally we resorted to demonstration. Here are two small pictures of Drew and I's butts- verification that we did slide.

We finally figured out we could pretty much "throw" him down the slide

LOVED IT. He loves to play "slippin' waters" =)

Thirst quenching

Whenever we go home, State Farm Park is always on the agenda. I didn't think I could love him any more until I saw him put on water goggles. Perfection.

My child is the skeptical/distrustful one yelling in the background (second to slide down)(the pool was packed in this because it was memorial day weekend)

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