Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

I organized a little Father's Day cookout for some of my favorite dads in our life this past weekend. Chris and Kristi's backyard is a perfect place for such a thing. Saturday night we invited my dad over to celebrate and gorge ourselves with shrimp scampii.

If I would have said a toast it would have sounded like this:

To my Dad; who taught me how to make shrimp scampii, taught me how bank accounts work and who held/assured me the night before the first day of school every year because I would let all my nerves build up and thus explode at the very last minute. We're so much alike it's scary!!

To my father-in-law Chris; who could build a monument with his own two hands, has taught Zach to be a firm but warm father and has also taught him how to earnestly love his wife and Jesus.

To my husband; thanks for being brutally honest with me when I really need it but don't want to hear it. You always seem to know the exact type of encouragement I need and, even though I always roll my eyes, I like that after I ask you what time it is, you still instinctually respond with "game time! what?"

::Drew, Dad & me::

Our home church challenged the dads to wear tacky ties on Father's Day Sunday, when I knew we'd be home that Sunday I hit up some Goodwill's to find the perfect necktie.

We gifted my dad with a tie from the festive "Santa Plays Sports" collection...
Zach was honored to rep the Nativity scene...
and Chris rocked the fishing tie, with bonus points for depicting the fisherman in mid-cast.

Monday was also my Dad's birthday (Aunt Debbie's too!) so we made a Father's Day and Happy Birthday cake to observe said holidays.

And proof he really did wear it the next day at Eastview!


MeL said...

So have you ever seen Mad Men? Because I kind of think that Zach's hair in his tacky tie/church picture looks exactly like Don Draper. Trust me, it's incredible. And good job on being a thoughtful daughter, I pretty much couldn't think past Friday, and therefore on Sunday told my dad that he'd be getting his present a tad late. Man, I'll never be the favorite.

Sambo said...

#1 Love your dress.
#2 Miss you guys too much to say publicly and not completely embarass mysely.
#3 Reid can beat all those guys with the tie he wore to our home wedding reception, Christmas themed AND plays music! AND Micheal Scott wears the same one every Christmas episode.