Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cubs-White Sox

Tony's has gotten the hook-up on some Cubs-Sox game tickets recently. This duo loves the Cubs and it would kill them to pass up an opportunity to see a game. The first time they went a couple weeks ago Tony, Carly & Zach went together and I stayed home with Reagan. Also, fyi this Carly is different from the one that my brother dates and also the Carly that Reagan courts at his preschool.

Here are those pirated photos I took from Carly's facebook, this game was at Wrigley and they were behind home plate;

Tony's parents offered to watch Reagan for us so that I could go this time and I'm SO glad they did! Last night's game was at The Cell, we were above the Sox bullpen and it was packed! Zach told me I think the Sox average in the 20 K range and last night was just about 40,000. And just in case you live under a rock, the Cubs did not win.

I think Tony won the silent competition of creating the biggest height ratio of boy to girl. With flats on, Zach and I give a good fight but they have us beat.

Everyone needs a picture of just their heads and a vacating baseball stadium. thanks tony

For four people and including parking we made out on the night for around $10, not too shabby!

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