Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last day of July

It's 9:39 pm and I'm sitting down to eat dinner (for inquiring minds, it's bbq chips and a swiss cake roll.) Zach is out of town on business and both boys were just fed, bathed and put to bed. Petey has been walked, fed and put to bed as well.

I wanted to take a second to write down 'life' currently.

We just got back from vacation and so laundry has been in progress all day long. Hence said vacation, our pantry and fridge were bare... therefore the grocery store was on the docket for today as well. Also, when you get back the last day of the month all your bills are kind of due so there went a good chunk of time catching up on those lovelies. Reagan had his kindergarten physical this afternoon, it entailed shots. He tried so hard to be brave. He sort of had a delayed reaction though and didn't get upset until after he was pricked, the crocodile tears were a flowin'. Oh, and he insisted on wearing a tie to the appointment. Anyway, I promised him any snack of his choosing and he went with Los Portilos chips and salsa. I'm told there's something up with my car (the wheels perhaps?) so my father in law took it to get fixed this morning. That means I drove Zach's car around (remember he's out of town) and I kid you not, I've only drove that 'classic' once before. Soooo- that's been an adjustment. And I mean that literally because I can't figure out how to adjust the seat and I can barely see over the steering wheel. At the end of the day, on Petey's evening walks, he ate a rat carcass while I was talking to a neighbor.

I write this all down because this is life right now. It never seems to stop, there's always something going on- to clean up, to pick up, to drop off. But I like it. a lot a lot. And I want to read back on this and laugh at this chaos.

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