Friday, July 20, 2012

Life lately from my phone...

Mr. October here, Babies of 2012 calendar available soon.

 Our friend Shoman came to town to play against the Cornbelters and got us tickets one night, for some reason I'd ever been to a game out at the "corn crib"... oh geez, could it all have been any more corny (pun intended.)

Found perfect sling shot stick. Reagan = David, All trees = Goliath. The precise pinky action was killing me. 

baby burrito, yum

 Last tball game

Working out some smiles

Loves me some sleeping pics

Watching brother play at the pool

We are leaving for the lake soon and I asked Reagan to lay out, on his bed, the toys he wanted to pack in his backpack for the car. Highlights included:
- two and a half foot long plastic sword
- walkie talkies
- two swimsuits
- toothbrush/toothpaste
- "My Friend Jesus" book we got yesterday from a door-to-door missionary
- long-arm "grabber" toy thing
- vampire teeth know only the essentials.

- People who wear tennis shoes to the pool. I'm cringing at the thought of trying to put socks onto wet feet and then into sun-warmed tennis shoes that could have been splashed and are now soggy.
- The term breastfeeding. ick.
- Shepherd farting in public. I swear it was the baby!

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