Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Critters by the numbers

1 crayfish
1 leech
1 rabbit
2 turtles
4 frogs
Innumerable fishies

Reagan was like the critter whisperer last week.

We caught two turtles which Reagan promptly named Tater and Tater-Don. We tried to bring them to the turtle races but the failed to meet the length requirements.

Reagan was not happy with his loss at the races. Shepherd slept through his first race day. 


Circle Of Life With A Leech from Ashley Williams on Vimeo.



(this was the first little baby bass he caught)

Lots of sunnies.

Went down to Bobbi and Billy's dock to try and get some in the lilly pads.

Here's the best catch of the week, off the end of our dock with a worm!

Disclaimer: Did you notice Reagan's lip? This happened within 20 min. of being on vacation. We got into the cabin in the middle of the night, when Reagan climbed into bed we told him not to touch the reading light because it gets hot. Naturally, he touched it. And for some odd reason he put his mouth on it... leading to a swollen, burned lip that eventually turned into a scab.

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