Sunday, June 3, 2012


Shepherd Christopher Williams
7 lbs 1 oz
19 in
12:38 am

I'm going to write down his birth story while it's still fresh in my head.

I woke up around 4 am on Tuesday morning, the 29th, because I thought my water broke. Later I found out I just peed but at that point I thought something exciting was happening. I had been having contractions inconsistently for a while and thought I could get them to become more regular if I stayed up and walked around. So I busied myself while trying to not wake up Z and Reagan. For instance I straightened my hair, put a ham in the crock pot, and did a load of laundry. Around 7 am I sat down to eat a bowl of cereal and the contractions slowed down. I already had an appointment scheduled for that morning so I figured I would just wait it out until then.

At the appointment Dr. Fulk told me I was about 2 cm dilated and 60% effaced. Everyone in the office cheered for me and gave well wishes that they would see me before my appointment the next week. I decided to go into the store that day and keep myself busy, since movement usually equated to progress in baby-delivery area. Zach took Reagan to Grandma Darlene's and then went into work. He harassed me via text to continue walking and timing any contractions. I'm also going to mention that he predicted the day I would go into labor with Reagan and so far he's now 2 for 2. Around 3 pm I couldn't walk through my contractions so I called to let them know I was going to close the store and go home. I also told Zach that I was going to go home to finish packing the hospital bag "just in case" and pick up the house a little, and that he could be on standby to come home when I was ready. By the time I got to the house I was absolutely ready for him to come home and move us to the hospital, my back and stomach were not feeling so hot.

He got home, packed the car, picked up a little and took care of Petey, then we were off to Bromenn... but first I insisted we return some library books. It was about 7 pm by the time I got checked and was admitted. We called Darlene to initiate our pre-planned Project Reagan sleepover with her. At this point I was 4 cm and 80% effaced so we went ahead gave everyone the heads up that it was baby-time, which totally surprised everyone. From ultrasounds and such we were expecting an arrival between June 5th-10th. I got an epidural around 8 pm, it was magical. I got really shaky and our nurse Amanda (who was completely awesome and now our new bff) joked I could be in transition, I laughed her off and said I get like that when I'm super hungry so she brought me some chicken noodle soup. At 10 pm she checked me and declared that I was complete!

Although my doctor was already there at the hospital, she was tied up with another delivery that was having complications. They kept thinking she would be done soon so I waited at complete, ready to push, for two hours. I had "drifted" for so long that by the time Dr. was ready I didn't have to do much pushing. He was born at 12:38 am on Wednesday the 30th! Zach announced he was a boy and cut the cord. Our visitors were both dedicated, staying up so late for his arrival, and patient, he nursed for about an hour after he was born before they could come in and see him. He is incredibly hairy, very dark complected, super chill and a champion eater. Also, the spitting image of Reagan, but very different in demeanor.


(right, marvelous Dr. Fulk)

Oh, what's in a name.
Shepherd = Zach and I both had dreams while I was pregnant that we had a son and his name was Shepherd.
Christopher = Zach's father's name. We like him.


Sarah'sSmile said...

Congrats! Glad your delivery was relatively easy!

Anonymous said...

Better add Shepherd's name to the label at the very top of your Blog underneath "The Williams'", and after Reagan...Grandpa Meiner

PKYoung said...

Congratulations on little one! That's crazy you had to wait for your doctor to push, how miserable that would have been! Glad everyone is healthy.