Monday, May 28, 2012

Spice jars

My gma shadoan has been waiting to see how these turned out :)


I knew in our new kitchen I would have some open shelves and not a ton of counter space so I decided I wanted to forgo the typical spice rack and find something cute that I could put on the shelves. My mom and grandma set out and helped me find these jars (Old Time Pottery) then I got to work on making them functional.

 They came with these colorful rubber rings but I saw that once they were removed they didn't compromise the seal so the spices would still stay fresh.

Then I eyeballed a certain level that I thought I could still fit a word on, taped it off and dipped the base in chalkboard paint. I let it dry right side up for a few hours, then upside down over night.

And... ta da!

(pardon my poor penmanship)

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