Monday, May 28, 2012


Pictures from my phone that show what we've been up to lately...

Made dog treats for Petey, he loved them!

Annual jean cut off day for all the jeans Reagan went through this winter putting holes in the knees. This is not even half, not frustrating at all. At least he looks super cute in cut offs, because he's got a lot of them!

Our bank has a great program (S is for Savings) that teaches kids about money management (some for me, some for you, some for later.) We had Reagan go through his piggy bank and take it in this week, then he got to pick out what he wanted to spend his "spending money" on...

Representing Normal West at their regional game (ps they won! losers were 1. zach's chair that collapsed underneath his mammoth weight 2. my dress, that failed to conceal my sweet sweet sweat.)

Getting in one last date night

Sofie. Literally Reagan's favorite person in the world. 

My boys, crib assembling.

Fishing with Zach's dad

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