Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thoughts on this pregnancy

I'm about to pop and this is my first (and probably only) post on this subject, whoops.

This is a true story, I made Zach put a ball of Reagan's under his shirt and stand at the sink to see realistically how far away I stand from everything. No, I didn't get a picture of that.

And me this weekend at about 38 weeks in the kitchen and dining room (in front of the only plates that survived our move.)

I'm feeling...
very grateful
very braxton-hicky
like this is definitely a boy
much healthier than I did with Reagan
and a little naive as to what we're getting ourselves into again.

Differences between this time and Reagan...
back has hurt this time
gained about 20 lbs less (heck to the yes)

pretty much everything
morning sickness same
carrying the same
same amount of pubescent facial lovelies
still love the smell of construction

Today at the store... (apologies for the phone pics, I have not been great about documenting the bump with pictures)

I've also came to the conclusion that spring/summer due dates are the best. Reagan was a February baby which meant maternity sweaters and maternity coats, bringing a baby home to frigid temperatures and hibernating indoors until spring. This time around has been awesome. I've been living in summer dresses. We're outside all the time which means I feel super healthy and I won't be pasty white while at my very heaviest (my grandma once told me fat looks better tan.)  This babe will also come home to a summer filled with fun, no cumbersome infant snowsuits, ick.

And we haven't come up with any names, but are open to suggestions. R wasn't named until we saw him and I think this one will be the same.


Anonymous said...

Being pregnant looks good on you. Hope you have a happy healthy baby!

Sambo said...

SO who is the creeper that left the anonymous comment on how good you look? FYI you do look good friend. Waaay better than I did with my second. Not better than I did with my first. Well maybe. It's close. Love you, can't wait to meet Sam jr. (works for boy or girl).