Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Look what Santa brought....

Reagan was very quick to clarify he wanted a real dog for Christmas whenever someone asked. Pretty lucky boy he is!

Found out the gender pretty quickly....

Already bff's! Reagan promptly/thoughtfully named him Jingles. Then with some urging renamed him Petey the day after Christmas. Petey he shall stay =)

Grandpa Dr. Meiner came to trim his nails today. He had just had his eyes dilated but luckily there were no amputations. (Petey is 12 weeks old, from the Humane Society. Big shout out to my in-laws Luba and Victor for keeping Petey in hiding until Santa could deliver him.)

So far so good!

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Anonymous said...

great picture with him kneeling and petey sitting right next to him :) papa s