Monday, January 9, 2012


Our Christmas' were awesome! Unfortunately I didn't really take any pictures to document. =(

Finished this book, loved it. Saw the movie, both are really really good but as usual- book is better. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a mom and I'm supposed to.

I've been working for the Vericella's at the boutique two days a week (it's really fun, I love the way it's decorated in there- i just want to live in it) and usually Reagan is at preschool while I'm there. Over his break he tagged along with me... I could not ask for better people to work for, I hesitate to even call it "work" more like play with pretty things/talk to fun people/read a good book.

18 weeks

Petey is doing well, I even took two pictures of the dog without a person in them! I swore I would never do this and now look at me, even posting them on the blog and everything!

I've been eating a lot of avocados. Like cut it open and spoon it straight out of the shell into my mouth. This is embarrassing to admit but I even had to call Sam for her to walk me through cutting an avocado open ("do they need to be steamed first?")

I developed a couple of theories:
1. Girls don't shower as much as they claim to.
2. You can tell how old someone is by whether they like their pizza with thin crust or thick crust.

A few things I'm good at:
1. Eating breakfast everyday (bewildered as to how people don't do that!)
2. "Forgetting" to turn the fan on while taking a shower (but it makes it so warm when I get out!)
3. Timing it so that my gas light dings while Zach is driving my car.

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Sam said...

I love you for all the ways that we are the same and different. I don't shower as often as I claim to when I am talking to people I don't know very well. I never turn the fan on in the bathroom, Reid goes ballistic.
Though the differences you may ask? I never take a picture of myself at work in cute clothes with wild hair on top. :)