Sunday, May 22, 2011


Last day of clinical!

These pictures didn't turn out very well, and we are missing two people from our St. Joe's group. We had a really fun day, everyone brought food and we had a "Hot Dogs w/ the Works" theme. We also played "how well do you know your students?" and everyone had to answer questions about us. I also found out I could still do a scorpion, by doing it in the lunchroom. FYI this is a scorpion. Awesome, a proud day in my life that wasn't embarrassing at all.

Last day of class!

Pictures taken purposely sitting in our personal seats for the past 2.5 years.
Don't start me on how weird it's going to be not seeing these girls every other day.

Reagan's last day of school!

This was emotional for me, the school here has been where Reagan's gone since I've been in school. It's been the only place he's gone besides Grandma Darlene's. It was hard being in a place where you had no family nearby and trusting other people to take care of this little person for you. Everyone there was so great and smart and accommodating and best of all they genuinely loved Reagan, which is something I loved them for! Over the summers when Zach was away playing ball they were always more than willing to help out, especially to encourage me to take extra time to study or anything I might need. Reagan loved eating breakfast with Ms. Lisa and Ms. Karin the days I had to be at clinical before the crack of dawn. I learned so much from all the teachers and was really sad to have to tell them goodbye.

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