Saturday, May 14, 2011

Instagram basically sponsored this post

I think it'd be more fun to just dump the pictures off my phone then type out a long update on us... I'll get around to doing that sometime after this week of finals, graduating and moving commences.

For Mother's Day we cooked out at Zach's parents then us "moms" went on a bike ride on the constitution trail. I love how close Chris & Kristi live to it, it's awesome! What's not awesome is the unflattering shirt I'm wearing.

I made Reagan try rollerskating again. It did not go over well and boy did he let me know.

Last week I got rear ended (no damage) then a couple days later I paid it forward to someone else (mucho damage.) The car in front of me was all, "not so close, I'm not that type of car." Then the next day I locked Reagan in the car at the mall for about an hour, while also wearing another unflattering shirt. It wouldn't have been that big of deal except that he was asleep and so he couldn't unlock the door. Who knew his awesome trait of being able to sleep through anything would come back to bite us. Don't worry, I just threw a bag of quarters at the window until he woke up drenched in sweat.

Drew & Zach hate getting into the car after I drive. We made banana splits on the grill= chunky PB + mini marshmellows + choc. chips

A family photoshoot.

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Sarah'sSmile said...

Banana boats. We made those at Girl Scout camp many many moons ago!