Friday, May 27, 2011

Grad dinner

We had our graduation dinner a couple weeks ago! It was held at the restaurant the culinary arts majors work in at our college. I think everything turned out really well! My camera charger has been MIA so once again I only had phone pics. The nice non-blurry ones I stole from Casey.

We played it classy and brought Reagan a grilled cheese from home since they were serving salmon, but the staff ended up being super nice and bringing him out some chicken.

HOW CUTE were the desserts they made for us!

Reagan really wanted soup so he wrote it on the other side of his place card. And he took it very seriously.

My mom was able to come up! Unfortunately my dad got sick and wasn't able to make it =(

Reagan definitely passed out halfway through and slept through everything. Thus proving my point he can sleep through anything, including us full on changing his entire outfit. The hard part is to just get him to go to sleep.

Fun night!

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