Friday, May 27, 2011


So last Friday, May 20th, was our graduation ceremony. I don't have a picture of all 14 of my group but here's the 4 of us girls.

Beth, me, Casey & Katie

Zach was down in Blo-No getting the house ready for us to move into and so these 4 came over to decorate our caps the night before and Katie & Casey spent the night. I think they turned out pretty darn cute! When we spotted our teachers in the crowd they were giving us the evil eye but I know they secretly loved them.

Close up of mine... (A for Ashley, not necessarily my average grade)

Zach's parents, Chris & Kristi and his sister, Sofie

My parents, Sheila & Steve

My brother Drew

No one should ever take pictures standing by themselves. It's always awkward looking.

Then afterwards we were all hungry but everywhere was closed so we went to McDonalds, which is where I would have rather gone anyway because my body works best when it is fueled with grease and fountain Dr. Pepper.

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