Friday, April 2, 2010

Voted most educational post of 2010

The other night Zach was watching this amazing network on television by the name of "A&E." It has produced such gems as Dog the Bounty Hunter, Steven Segal: Lawman, Hoarders and a personal lesbianish favorite of mine First 48.

It all happened so fast so I don't know how it began exactly but our corneas literally were glued to the screen as we witnessed Billy The Exterminator work his magical magic.

The reason behind this post is to present a little science project I've developed after watching the show.

These are Cicada Killer Wasps:

I don't know their scientific name because I already wasted enough time finding these amazing pictures for you.

They are SICK and completely tormented. Flying Hitlers of the sky. They are distinguished by their large size and loud buzz. Dwelling mainly east of the Rocky Mountains, they create burrows in dry, sandy ground. The wasp stings its prey, turns the victim on its back, straddles it, and drags it or glides with it to the burrow. The wasp then lays its egg in the cicada and seals the burrow shut. For the next 4-10 days the larva devours the cicada from the inside out until only the outer shell remains. It then wraps a cocoon around itself and overwinters. In the spring a whole new generation of cicada killers has sprung.

Class dismissed!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I sure hope I get the opportunity to recall that knowledge someday so I can say "Hey my very intelligent and studious niece taught me that!! Can't wait for the lesson you come up with on the lesbianish 48 hrs!
Love You know who!

Sam said...

I have a ridiculous TV crush on my bruddah Dog the Bounty Hunter.