Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not trying very hard to be predictable: An Easter Post!

We had a really fun and fast Easter Sunday. Went back home; got in some good church and got together with the fam. And what d'ya know, the Easter bunny paid a visit to theReagan.

{Easter morning}

Mmmm, lice. Just kidding, he's clean.

After church >> wind + Zach's jewfro = eternal beauty

{Easter afternoon at Grandma Darlene's}

Aunt Christen kept the eggs so Reagan had free hands to hunt those eggs as fast as possible!

Grandma Darlene had an egg toss too. I let Zach be my partner.

We gave a good fight but ended up being runners up. Guess who the egg cracked on?

I don't know how that pose could be more awkward of the three of them =) Z, Luba & Reagan >> Kayla, Hunter, Me, Zach & Reagan

{Easter evening at Aunt Debbie's}

I wish I would have gotten more pictures from that night! We had such a good time between the easter egg hunt, yummy food and a basketball tourney (in which Z brought home the W woot woot). I thought it was funny that as soon as a basketball game was in the talks, athletic clothes just seemed to appear left and right. Like in high school when every boy wore basketball shorts under their jeans "just in case" a game were to quickly pop up. Anyway, my camera was strugglin' for battery life.


Busy Bee Lauren said...

your little guy is seriously the most handsome little thing. So cute!

Sheila said...

Great post - great pics!

Ash, love your excellent athletic form during the egg throwing/pitching contest -- complete with pointed toe!

xoxo, Mom