Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break '10

We had such a good time with my grandparents this last week! I'm so happy that we were able to go and have fun/relax with them. Here are some things we did:

Viral pink eye gifted itself to Reagan, which started our week off with a nice cranky bang.

I'm just really thankful it didn't make it around to anyone else, and besides a constant runny faucet for a nose, R still enjoyed his warm-weathered week.

We ate... a lot. And we ate a lot of really yummy food.

Reagan's time sleeping was always done looking super cute. Here's evidence to prove it:

The weather was beautiful! And so we played outside a good deal.

Reagan loved taking drink breaks on this pint-size chair that was in my Grandpa's house growing up.

We also spent a lot of time finding Easter eggs. Practice for the big day I guess! Grandpa did a great job of re-hiding basket after basket of eggs.

GNO- Grandma's friends had a girls night out and so I tagged along to the party. It was at June's house to celebrate her daughter Carol's birthday. June lives right next door to my grandparents and most everyone else in their "group" lives in the neighborhood too.

Carol, Evelyn's Daughter from WS, June & Evelyn

Carol, June & Grandma (Chris)

When Drew & I were little and visiting Gma and Gpa, we always made sure to stop by June and her late husband Ray's house so she could give us some cookies and hugs.

Carol & June kept the Manhattans and Cosmos flowing, Grandma and I played it conservative though =) Miriam treated us to a little thai chi performance and Mary Lou gave us a little hula lesson. They may or may no have talked me into doing a little ballet too. It was a fun night and Papa Ben was an excellent babysitter.

We also took a lot of pictures in front of one of Grandma's trees, because it was just so darn pretty!

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Sheila said...

Love Love Love all of this post!!

Reagan's eyes in that 1st pic -- he looks pitiful!

The GNO story and pics cracked me up! A 3-generation GNO - now that's an event!

I've always loved that little red chair too of Papa Ben's - there was just something about it - part stepstool, part chair. :)