Friday, January 8, 2010

"You so funny!" -Reagan

Grandma & Grandpa Shadoan's house pre-drive down to the condo in Pawley's Island:

One of my favorite moments of the trip was when just Zach and I took Reagan to the beach for lunch, we had such a good time!

We befriended some seagulls by luring them in with flaming hot cheetos and kettle cooked potato chips. We trained them to catch cheetos in the air (see that orange speck near the one in the air?) and accumulated up to 7 birds before they quickly started to use their newly taught tricks against us and became aggressive, flying sea rats.

Do you see me following Reagan with my overly nervous mom arms?

Now telling Zach to stop making fun of me that it really is high up here and I want him to be safe.

Found a star fish that showed an eery resemblance to Zach

Z getting a little creative

Just couldn't coordinate these...

One afternoon while Reagan and a few others took their naps, we ran down to the beach to play a little football...
I made sure everyone knew the football was cold, wet and sandy and contributed by hiking the ball with incredibly slow reflexes.
Drew had his mind set on figuring out how to use the skim board he begged Grandma to buy when he was 11.......... yeah, well next year has his name written all over it.

Other fun things we did:

My Grandma had surgery on her foot a few weeks ago so she moves by way of crutches right now, but she also has this contraption she uses around the house when she's tired of the crutches. Drew thought it would be an excellent toy to give Reagan rides on...

Polar Express 3-D was a HUGE hit with these three boys; Reagan was in love! Drew also disclosed to us that he actually paid money to see this movie in a theater.
a portion of Drew's greatest movies of all time list:
The Hangover, Bill Madison, Polar Express, Space Jam.

We played Rumikub a loooottt.
Caught them jamming to "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands."

These three boys could wrestle foreverrrr. I wish I could zoom in on Reagan's wide open mouth to freeze frame the moment before he took a bite out of Drew's butt.

Playing footsie =)

Reagan's face right when they lit the fire, so cute!
New talent alert: Reagan's index/thumb dexterity is apparently out of this world; he has crazy chop stick skills and insisted on eating all of his food with these bad boys. Hello? Rice is hard!

Things I did not accomplish over break:
  • reading any school books at all yet finding time to read random books like "Fatherhood" by Bill Cosby and "The Duggars: 20 and Counting"
  • driving at all the 15 hours to South Carolina or the 15 hours back home from South Carolina-- my husband is secretly superman, I wish he used his powers on the dishes though
  • maintain a healthy diet. I love food with all my heart.
  • getting Reagan potty trained
  • regularly updating the blog. Sorry for all of the pictures so late and all in one big pile!
However, I'm not the upset about any of those things because we got to spend some excellent quality time with the people we love. We had SUCH a fun time over break! We were sad to tell everyone bye but eager to get this next semester started and over with. Bring on 2010!!


Sheila said...

Love this post! Love the pics -- captures the whole week perfectly. Especially love the one of the 3 of you kids and your Santa stockings, and Reagan "hugging" his new Thomas Roundhouse. Zach as a starfish -- didn't see that one coming, but he captured the essence of said starfish wonderfully!

Had a great week with you all, but never long enough. Good luck with the new school semester this week. Can't wait to hear Reagan's adventures in the "3's" room!

emily said...

Hahahahaha.....I hadn't scrolled down and sat there for the longest time trying to make the starfish look like zach....then gave up and read on to find the next picture! HAHA.....LOVED IT!!!

Drew said...

I think my movie list is a bit off..