Thursday, January 7, 2010

THE Christmas post

Christmas Eve we celebrated with the Williams family at Zach's parent's house. All three Grandmas (Carol, Darlene and Sugars) and the Davis' all came and we ate and chatted the night away.

I laughed that Zach and Reagan were sort of cast out into another room while we all sat nicely around the table eating. Zach's just tending to his two year old's needs I guess, and in his mind he needs to not be sitting quietly =)

Kristi found this fun (still questionable) game where you have to eat a jelly bean and it can either be something good or something nasty, but you don't know ahead of time what you are going to get. Ex: a black jelly bean could either be a.) black licorice or b.) skunk spray. Or a brown jelly bean could either be a.) chocolate pudding or b.) canned dog food. It was pretty fun and I think pretty much everyone gave it a try.

The Davis': Hillary, Roxanna, Tim and Noah
That wet spot on Zach's knee would be from when the dog threw up on him.


Oh hold on, just wait for it... ahhh and my heart melts...

Luba, me, Sofie, Zach, Reagan, Noah, Hillary, Elena and Roma
(Reagan is playing with the pull cord from the fan if you were wondering)

"I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph."
-Shirley Temple

So we changed into our jammies and got everything set up for Santa. I can't even begin to describe how much fun this year was because Reagan understood what was going on. Here he carrying the cookies to the fireplace...

And one the way, dropping all of the cookies on the floor...

But eventually they got there and eventually they were still eaten.

We read "The Night Before Christmas" from the same book my dad read to Drew and I (also, making the mistake of not looking through the book ahead of time and realizing the last two pages were missing so daddy ad-libbed a little to sum up the story.)

And then Santa worked his magic. Did I mention Zach gave Santa a little help from his own workshop this year? I was so proud that he made Reagan a Christmas present with his own two hands.

Christmas morning!
We just relaxed the rest of the day which felt really nice (Zach parents were such awesome hosts that week, keeping us well fed and well entertained!) Later that night we video chatted with my parents and grandparents. We trade off spending Christmas with each others family every other year, this year was the South Carolina year to be with my grandparents and my parents plus Drew were already there. We left for the SC the next day......

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