Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Santa at the Farm

I brought Reagan and Sofie to visit my mom at work one day over break, they were having their annual Christmas in the atrium thingy at corporate. I even remember my parents taking us to it when Drew and I were little. There were a ton of people there! State Farm had a really good employee singing group that sang a whole bunch of songs and then their Prez spoke (which made me really nervous because I know they tape these things and broadcast them to other offices and I thought for sure you'd hear my child screaming something behind whatever the speaker was saying.) Then we finished up with a Santa sighting and some sugar cookies!
He has become so anti-camera lately...

if you can't tell
Reagan was all about Santa... until he was actually up close and personal with him. He was more concerned with where Santa was keeping his Reindeer.

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Sheila said...

Crack me up -- I never thought about him being heard on the broadcast. Thanks for coming in for the Christmas in the Atrium! xoxo