Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meiner Christmas '09

Someone insisted on taking a picture of us before we left for Pontiac...

We gathered in Grandma and Grandpa's basement for some holiday fun. Since we held it the Sunday before Christmas we had everyone to ourselves the whole day to eat, play and be merry! I was proud of myself for making two of our presents this year- I pulled Uncle Bob's name so part of his present was a beautiful shirt with his beloved dog Paul Bunyan's face on it. If I get him next year, he is soooo getting a shirt for Paul with Bob's face on it. Zach pulled Emily's name and one of the things she wanted was a plastic bag holder. I thought that would be something fun to learn how to make and it turned out to be really fast and easy.

The girls love making up cheers and Emily and I secretly like reliving our glory days, so of course we totally concede whenever they beg us =) They of course had to change out of their frilly dresses but these happened to be the outfits that came about (see any picture of Grace). This night we focused on a special birthday cheer for our, now 17, cousin Evan.

"Sorry Sliders" anyone?

While we were playing Sorry, the boys could be found under the ping pong table in their "house." Kind of like a scene from My Two Dad's?

Lizzy's shirt = one of Drew's undershirts

Such a fun day!

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Sheila said...

I was SO jealous of Emily's plastic bag holder.....until.....I opened up my VERY own super cool plastic bag holder. Love it!