Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reagan quotes

A day last week pre-playing in the snow.
We have the perfect sledding hill behind us!

Some of our favorite one-liners recently:

shortly after he woke up this morning, "my tummy hurts, I need cheez-its in my mouth!.... please" if only you could hear the PG-13 version of how he pronounces cheese s-hits

if something isn't working "papa Ben has batteries, let's go to papa Ben's house"

squeezes you tight and says
"you're my best friend"

begins a conversation with "I love you too"

He's really interested in the real name things are called because he wants to use those words too, so all day long he brings something to me/points at something and asks, "What's tis name?" today was orange juice, his own nipple, nail clippers, church, and that the gas price was $2.99.
throughout the day; "I miss you..." (go ahead and tug on my heart a little harder please)

"Hey! I'm not a toy!" if we are roughhousing or better yet; "I'm a toy!" if he wants to roughhouse

when told bath time is approaching "my bum's not stinky!" Last night before he went to bed he, very solemnly, told me "I haves to tell you somefin...... daddy's wearing a new shirt....... I haves to tell you somefin more....... daddy has a stinky bum" always there giving us need to know information!

stalling before bed "I want to kiss your eyes" or "I want to hold your neck"

personal favorite "Jesus is the Light" and later on when the room was dark "I'll go turn on Jesus!"

we found out the other night that he does not want to turn 3, the conversation even invoked tears! But he already knows he wants a cookie cake in the heart (my heart shaped pan) for his birthday. Oh my, he is one passionate little person.

BOY do we love this boy!


Sheila said...

oh my gosh -- if it wasn't almost 11:00 at night, I would be hopping in a car, and driving up there to hear some of these one-liners in person! This just makes me miss you guys more!

Love this post, and all the pics. He looks like such a studlet in that outfit. Bet he melted all the little girls hearts in sunday school this morning!

emily said...

haha....I'm buying you a picture to put in that frame in the last picture of's funny because you have the other spots filled.....but I can't talk, I have a clock from our wedding that has no batteries or pictures in the # spots....Must be a meiner thing?