Saturday, November 7, 2009


Some of us found this website while using our time extremely efficiently during clinicals yesterday...

It made me want to have my camera phone ready and waiting every time I enter the sales mecca that is Wal-Mart. You know you've seen a few of these people before at your local store! The person who runs the sight has hilarious captions for the pictures too.

My favs....

First you see the man in front, then take a closer look behind him.

This one took me a while to notice. Jeans over jeans!

Borderline inappropriate for our family blog, but too funny to let go unnoticed.

Could those be any tighter or any shorter?

As we all can see, highlighting the "ain't" makes it classier.

FOUND: One Neapolitan Ice Cream Pimp!

first of all: LOL to the fact that she thinks she needs security, and secondly... does she really need security if she is bigger than every one of them.

Sir, although that character does roll back the prices, he still needs to stay under pants. Those go under pants. For Pete's sake please put pants over those.

Cabbage Patch Man comes complete with a birth certificate, application for adoption and they are each sold separately.

Who's jacket is possibly more gangsta??? Scarface with a bedazzled necklace, the magically delicious Lucky Charms guy or Mr. Skulls.

What is Wal-gay? Great question. Hat and midriff baring tops are always required, shininess of the fabrics as well as the elasticity of the clothing varies.

I don’t know if it’s the hair, the sweet swagger in his step, or the fact that he is wearing his daughter’s shirt but this guy has got it going on.

And let us end on this patriotic note.

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Nancy Face said...

I'm wishing my Hubby Man would wear his hair like Cabbage Patch Man. ;)

Thanks for providing Hubby Man and me with early morning entertainment today! Haha! :D