Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday nights

Last week, we went to see a Dave Matthew's cover band with Coach Benjamin and his wife Casey. Zach was in heaven watching live music, he likes that kind of thing a ton. Unfortunately, I'm the exact opposite of a music aficionado but I was told that they were really good and I liked the free pepsi with grenadine refills. (One of the players came over to sit at the house after Reagan fell asleep, have I mentioned that this team is absolutely awesome with Reagan? Absolutely fantastic. We are so lucky to have such great guys around us!)
Our Friday evening last night was full of hair-experimentation, Shrek, and homemade chocolate chip cookies.
Their hairlines are identical!

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Anonymous said...

i love the pics of the your men. That look on Reagan's face is priceless -- it looks like he's saying "ok, I'll do it but you pinky-sweared Mom that this pic wouldn't show up again on my first date!"

Love, Mom M