Friday, November 13, 2009

It's gone!

Our old reliable Great Clips was having a $7.99 sale and I don't know if you've seen either of my boys but... they were getting kind of shaggy. We thought nows the time to look our best as the holidays approach, then they both can grow it out as long as their hearts desire for the spring.

Finished product(s)!

He did such a good job for the hair cut that we treated him with one of those coin slot rides (and if you know us, we are usually too cheap (slash me too much of a germaphobe) to let him go on those). He was so happy, but also very determined to drive that helicopter like the pro he really is.
I love those ears!

One more before and after...

his hair is touching his shoulders in this pic!
And now...
Time saved from having to wash, condition, dry and brush a two year old boy's hair, has now been re-designated towards splashing and laying with his ears under the water and yelling (because it sounds funny to him all muffled.)


Sarah'sSmile said...

Wow! Their ears are going to get cold! necks too :)

Anonymous said...

Can't believe all of that hair on the cape at the hair cutting place. That's crazy! I'll miss his curls, but..I know, it was time. Hope you saved me a curl! Love Mom M