Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some birthday stuff

Woo hoo record time for an event themed post! Well. It's official. Zach and I are now twenty two year olds and frankly, I like it. I like it a lot =)

So here's a fun fact: my program director Deb (located to my left) and I have the same birthday. We are practically twins, given the fact that we are both 5' 11" (she's kneeling for peter's sake in this picture) and born only a 2 or 30 years apart. My favorites in the class put together a nice little celebration for us this morning. Casey was nice enough to get me these pictures...

Here is the delicious cake! Everyone got their piece before I got to school (occasionally I cut it close on time... occasionally/habitually, potato/patato) but I trust that it said Happy Birthday even if I didn't see it. Casey and Katie both work at Jewell so they hooked me up with the cookie cake and a birthday balloon that has kept Reagan occupied for the last 24 hours. Balloons are a quick, cheap attention-grabber I need to remember for times when Reagan gets bored.

From left to right...
A girl who's fly was open the greater part of the morning, Casey, Beth and Katie
Beth and I thinking we were hilarious for playing with lead shielding... I thought intertwining my fingers with Mr. Bones would be romantic.

And again, my class preferences
It was so sweet of them to think of me today

Here is the other birthday child ... sporting some bday attire. Please notice the CUBS SHOES that Reid gifted him, Zach practically wears them in his sleep.

Wednesdays are kind of crazy days because Zach and I's schedule are interwoven so there is a lot of trading of Reagan so one person or the other can make it to class or practice. It's also one of the days that Z has class at night too. I think we saw eachother for a cumulative hour and a half, but we made good use of that time!

Reagan and I made a cookie cake in the afternoon. He actually sat for the whole time and only broke one of the eggs.

He was really excited that the eggs fit in the cups, he kept raising his eye brows and making ooh and ahh faces... I caught one below...

hahahaha funniest face I've ever seen!

He kept sneaking the cookie dough!

Then Z came home real fast and we did the birthday cake thing and he took the rest to class with him.
He's much happier in this video than in the last one I posted =) If you notice, he starts out singing the ABCs. A song he really rocks out to these days and something he insisted I write on the cake. He also gets upset halfway through because Zach and I both had cameras and he didn't.

One thing I might change next time is moving my massive Sonic pop out of the middle of the picture. I haven't decided yet though.

And I threw in one more from the other day for good measure... my hansome boy!


emily said...

I love at the end of the first video he says, "lets do it again." hahaha...Kids love blowing out candles (another attention-grabber...except not as safe) Happy Birthday!!

Drew said...

I remember hanging that huge italian looking painting with zach in you guys first apartment at Heartland.. oh and Reagan looked infinitely cooler with longer hair.