Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A lot of words with no pictures

Random thoughts

We had our first frost this week. Noooooooooooooooooo. I budget our time down to the last minute to get out the door and frost is throwing a wrench in our already tight routine. Eek!

We are trying to get Reagan to say things in fuller/expanded sentences, but sometimes it just sounds funny. For example I asked him what he thought daddy would like for dinner tonight and he said "Macaroni and Cheese in his mouth." We ask him what he wants to pray for before dinner, it always comes out in one long breath and the standard response is, with out fail; "mommy, daddy, daddy baseball." Last night, he expanded to include "mommy, daddy, daddy baseball, that fork and my plate."

I usually cook pretty often (out of necessity and student poorness), but they are always the same types of things and nothing really very challenging. I decided to try some big ticket items this week! First, I made a whole ham. I might have had to call Grandma Shadoan for some pointers, but I did the rest myself and it turned out YUMMY! I am really liking just being able to eat off of it for the week (ham biscuits, etc.) and then having so much left to freeze and eat later. I also made a huge crock pot full of my mom's chili, I didn't have to call her on this one (which is surprising because usually I call her for a quick rundown on what-to-do-and-when). Zach and Reagan had very happy bellies by the end, plus add in a batch of cookies and a batch of brownies to satisfy some demanding sweet tooth's and now I'm large and in charge.

I also tried doing something with pomegranates. I feel like they are one of those "in" foods for the moment like edamame or wheat grass shots. The first time we went over to the Hambo's house they had edamame as an appe-teaser and Zach and I thought that they must be ubber-hip. Let's get this straight, the juice tastes as if angels are pouring in into my mouth straight from the garden of Eden, but in reality, extracting it is incredibly labor intensive. And to make matters worse, you get like a thimbles worth from one huge pomegranate (ok, not really, more like 1/2 a cup).

As a side note, a word that I constantly misread is message. I always think it says massage. Imagine how awkward it is to read; "What did you think of my massage?" or "Did you get that massage from Pastor Dave?" No. I. did. not... Oh wait... yes I did. It was very informative.


Anonymous said...

A. Now I'm hungry after reading this post -- can't pass up a ham biscuit - yum, but it's bedtime so can't be snacking!

B. Love 2 year old dinner prayers! Way better than the only one we ever taught you and Drew -- God is Great, God is Good, Let us Thank Him for this food.....well, or Drew's variation of that....

C. I still call my mom or Grandma Meiner (or Aunt Debbie) for cooking insights!

Love ya, Mom M

Anonymous said...

P.S. Happy Birthday! Does this count as the first one to wish you two Happy 22nd Birthday?!?!