Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend happenings

Thursday was Reagan's Thanksgiving Lunch at school, he goes on Thursdays so that worked out well. It was really cute and the food wasn't too bad either! I loved the placemat the kids made, Reagan is not into crafts so I think this might have been only the second art project that has been sent home this whole semester.

I didn't get any good pictures really, especially because once Rego saw I was trying to take his picture he refused to cooperate and wouldn't take this cookie out of his mouth!
I probably have 5 more of him in this exact pose.

That night the Hambo's brought us over some awesome food for our birthdays. We watched some of our favorite Thursday night shows and then rounded the night out with a game of Sequence.
Sam made a fabulous cherry pie for Zach and brought a bag of Oreos for me (she knows the way to my heart). Reagan had his fair share of cookies if you can't tell...
Welcome sam. =)

She was so good!!

Friday we got to babysit Miss L while Reid and Sam celebrated their anniversary! Oh my goodness it was so fun playing house with two kids, it probably helps that she is such an awesome baby.

I wish this picture didn't turn out blurry!
Then Locy and I participated in a lengthy photoshoot. Zach said he wanted to take the viewers on a "journey."

The wind machine wasn't Locy's favorite
But she loved the lights
When they got back they taught us Rumikubb and that marked the night when my obsession started.

Saturday Zach let me sleep half the day away which was super nice. He then grabbed a snack pack and ventured off into homework land and I didn't see him the rest of the night- except when Reagan and I brought him dinner and then when he demanded we bring him puppy chow too.

And you know it, I saw this Sunday night with who else other than my fellow weekend warrior-- Sam

It was good. Book is better.

And that was a very detailed account of our weekend because I'm sure all three of you were dying to know!


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Ashley said...

L. O. L. I've been caught orange handed.

Sam said...

Am I one of the three? Because I was dying to know what you did for the 4 hours we didn't see each other this weekend :)