Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ten One OH Nine

You guys, Reagan is saying the funniest things lately. Zach and I could spend forever just listening to all the hilariously crazy things he comes up with.  My goal for next week is to get some of his catch phrases on video and post them. 

Last night, on a whim I bought a box of ice cream sandwiches while we were at the grocery just because they sounded good. I went to get out my first one tonight, and there are only 4 left... from the box of 10. So if we all do the math, that means that between last night and tonight, Zach has had 6 ice cream sandwiches.

I don't normally get into "celebrity" reality tv shows, but I feel like... even though it's no Survivor, Dancing with the Stars is at least a step above Celebrity Fit Club or that one where the stars box each other. So that's how I'm going to rationalize my love. 
And so now, I present to you my Flashy/Trashy list...

Michael Irving. He kind of got screwed this season because he was paired with a professional that is new to the show and her choreography is kind of, how do you say-- sucky. But, I have stated before that I have a large spot in my heart for larger, African American athletes who can work it. Michael Irving does not disappoint, however he is no and can never be no Emmett Smith. Therefore, I declare Michael to be...... FLASHY!!!! I would raise DWTS (dancing with the stars) rating to American Idol level, if they would just do an entire season dedicated to large, older, male athletes.  
Kelly Osbourne. FLASHY!! She was a pleasant surprise to watch. Very graceful and I thought she also looked beautiful. 
Melissa Joan Hart. In all honesty she annoys the bejesus out of me and she has incredibly poor acting skills. Frankly, I can't take her in even small doses. Surprise-- TRASHY!
Okay Iron Chef man, I tried. I really tried to like you. I was impressed that you were so flexible and I like your partner (who was also on So You Think You Can Dance). But your face is hurting my eyes. The way you move it is too intense and now you in general just makes me uncomfortable. I'm sorry but it's not your network (The Food Network), it's you. TRASHY.
AARON CARTER. Do I need to elaborate? Look at the picture I chose. The only thing that annoys me more than Aaron Carter is the fact that Michael Moore is still allowed to make movies. The only redeeming quality about this picture is that I like his partner, Karina's, dress. Zach watched the show with me and had some truly enlightening comments. His take on this dance: "Is that a dog? It looks like she's wearing a newfoundland." The verdict- TRASHY
Mia Thesinger (I don't know her last name.) I have issues with trained dancers being contestants on the show. I don't think it is fair and that's my opinion. TRASHY
Donny Osmond. I can't not believe I'm about to put this in writing. I. Like. Donald. Osmond. I tried so hard to suppress this feeling and to find him obnoxious and egotistical, yet somehow I found him to be delightful, charming, truly likable, warm, handsome and a really good dancer. What the heck? I can't imagine what his effect was like when he was in his prime. And so, I give him... a FLASHY!!   

In conclusion, global warming can shove it. This weather is crazy cold already!


Sheila said...

As usual, I agree with most of your trashy/flashy pics except for Marc/Ironchef -- he's kinda somewhere in between. However, I can personally attest to the "prime"time appeal of former TigerBeat TeenIdol - Donny Osmond. Back in the day, he was VERY appealing!

Nancy Face said...

Psh...I could totally eat 6 ice cream sandwiches in a day! :D

I love Donny Osmond, and I have ever since I was 12! No joke!