Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Goebert's Pumpkins

I have really good memories from when we lived in New Jersey and my parents plus their friends taking all of us kids to this pumpkin patch. I was SO excited to get to do something like that with Reagan this year. So Sunday, we took Reagan and baby Locy to a place called Goebert's that is around here. It had waaay more than pumpkins; tons of animals, super yummy smelling food, mazes, haunted houses... it was great and i
t turned out to be such a nice day (what a fluke)! 

"Cornstalk Maze" started out well...
...then three running leaps later, Z and Reagan re-emerged totally covered in mud (apparently it was slippery.)
well hello there little pumpkin!
What would a pumpkin patch be with out a... pumpkin eating dinosaur?
Reagan was so excited that he got to pick out whatever pumpkin he wanted

And what evening would be complete without a little tossing around of our son...

Pumpkin Patch '09er

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Anonymous said...

uh, ok, I know he didn't, but the one picture of Reagan jumping in the air with Reid's hand up -- looks like Reid pushed him! I know he didn't, but still.........

love, Mom M

P.S. love the pics. Does make me miss the Jersey pumpkin trips!