Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eat your peas and point your toes

I love that Reagan wants to eat a bowl of peas for his afternoon snack.


Now onto the Dancing update...
Chuck- it's been fun, but I think it's your time to go.

MJH- no comment because I left the room when she was announced (no lie.)

Olympian the Natalie- I'm taking up swimming.

Kelly- she seemed rushed at some parts, but she always looks like she's having fun.

Aaron- Zach's comment "it annoys me that Aaron is wearing boots"... (they were leg warmers). But the fact that he was wearing leg warmers says all I need to say.

Joanna- what is your plastic to skin ratio? And shirt off? Really, is that necessary? And possibly most uncomfortable ending pose I've ever been exposed to.

DONNY- a joy to watch as always. I was silent and intensly focused during his dance becaues I wanted Zach's honest opinion. Point blank: he's Team Donny. Then he thew his arms up and declared, "oh my gosh. I'm leaving. I hate that I'm so gay and watching this." And he walked out of the room. Then my mom texted me that Donny looks like her optometrist, Dr. Rocke.


MeL said...

I like that I can watch the show through your blog. :) I got Philip to watch The Biggest Loser with me tonight and he only made fun like four times, but HE STAYED, which is saying something. I rejoiced.

Can I please get your email address so I can prove the awkwardness? Be prepared.

emily said...

Love reagan's long hair!!

candigirl said...

Your mom's eye doctor = Donny Osmond?

...umm..maybe that's why mom is seeing an "eye doctor"..


Just kidding..there is a passing resemblance...like, his hair is the same color, even!!